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Outdoor lighting

Eco-Friendly LED Landscape Lighting 

If you would like your property to have a low maintenance, eco-friendly lighting system, then LED lighting is the perfect choice for your landscape. LED landscape lighting offers the same safety, security, and aesthetic qualities as any other landscape lighting solution. 

Until recently, LED lighting was inconsistent and garish looking. Quality control varied greatly between manufacturers, resulting in poor color quality, premature failures, and generally low-quality light. 

Today, LED low voltage landscape lighting can be as warm and soft or as bright as needed when compared to its halogen counterparts. In fact, it is now impossible to tell the difference; when maintaining or adding to existing halogen systems, we will replace a halogen bulb with LED bulb. 

NightAffects Inc continually does research on the technology of LED outdoor lighting, and we use the highest quality LED materials from reputable manufacturers.

We understand the technology and stand behind our installations to provide the highest quality low voltage LED lighting available.

Your initial investment in LED outdoor lighting may be higher than halogen systems, but over the lifetime of your fixtures, you may actually save money.

Low voltage LED lighting uses up to 75 percent less energy and has an average life expectancy of up to 15 years. This will save a lot of maintenance service costs each year. 

If you currently have a halogen lighting system, NightAffects Inc can easily retrofit your current fixtures with new energy-efficient LED landscape lighting products. 

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Halogen Low Voltage Landscape Lighting

When planning your landscape lighting design, the transformers and fixtures that we choose for your product are just as important as the design itself.

For a long time, halogen low voltage lighting quality had peaked, but many installers and landscape companies were using inexpensive, mass-market brands instead. As a result, they got what they paid for as many property owners that opted for these systems were left disappointed due to poor quality.

We still have many halogen quality lighting systems in place and sometimes use quality halogen fixtures to meet the needs of the homeowner. We can show you just how much the industry is shifting from halogen to LED landscape lighting components.

Halogen still might be applicable in some projects. Everything starts with design, so we can help you create a landscape lighting system that is cost-effective, environmentally responsible, and stunningly beautiful. 

Christmas and Holiday Lighting

NightAffects Inc no longer installs Christmas, holiday, or special event lighting.

We get many requests for this service and would be happy to provide you referrals to any contactors that might fit your needs.

Your existing landscape lighting can sometimes be altered for a holiday appearance by using color-filtered lenses applied to the glass lens of fixtures. We do not carry colored glass lenses and often refer clients to a stained glass shop to have them custom cut.
Stair lighting

Outdoor Security Lighting

Landscape lighting has never been more important than when you don't have it. Many people think of outdoor security lighting as a system of motion sensors and floodlights attached up high on the corners of structures.

Any well-designed landscape lighting system can act as outdoor security lighting. The curb appeal and ambiance NightAffects Inc's lighting can create using appropriate fixtures and timing mechanisms automatically lends a sense of safety and security to your property.

Lighting of architectural façade around entryways and downlights inside pool cages are two examples for deterring criminal mischief. 

Everything starts with design at NightAffects Inc's landscape lighting to make sure your property is safe against crime and criminal intent.
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" The new and improved lighting from what we had before looks terrific and is a great addition, particularly for side of our home facing 
the water. "
- Marilyn B., Siesta Key, FL
" Thank you for your efficient repair and reasonable pricing. I thoroughly enjoy the lights on many evenings listening to music and enjoying a glass of wine with my wife and seeing the lighting reflections on the pool surface."
 - Reggie W., 
Longboat Key, FL
" Thanks for the best lighting install we’ve ever had! We love the new lighting, and you have a great eye for design and 
how the final product will 
look in the evening.  "
- Terry and Rob L., 
Longboat Key, FL

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