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Excellent Landscape Lighting Design Services

NightAffects Inc installs high-quality and long-lasting lighting systems and the whole process begins with an in-depth design consultation.

Whether you are adding landscape lighting to enhance your property’s landscape, garden, or architectural features for evening enjoyment or adding landscape security lighting to protect your home and family, expert and accurate design is the important feature we provide. 

An in-depth and comprehensive client consultation at no charge is the first step in the landscape lighting design process. We do a complete property walk-through with you to examine all features where landscape lighting would be applicable.

Our team of lighting professionals has years of design knowledge and hands-on experience in creating aesthetic and functional designs for your property. We have the unique ability to envision how beautiful your home and landscape can look during evening hours. 

We believe the landscape lighting design process should incorporate your lifestyle, personal taste, and functional needs. We encourage our clients to offer us ideas. With input from homeowner and property owners, we can utilize our design background and use experience to create a perfect and cost-effective lighting design that makes them customers for life.

Actual lighting equipment and items that will be used on your project will be shown so you can hold it in your hands and inspect it to see the quality of the products. 

NightAffects Inc’s outdoor lighting resume includes projects from Sarasota, Bradenton, Venice, and Boca Grande, Florida. We are located in Sarasota, Florida. We have installed more than 2,000 landscape lighting projects in the last 28 years.

Landscape Lighting Installation Services

After you have reviewed and accepted your detailed and itemized landscape lighting proposal from NightAffects Inc, we will begin the installation process. 

Our “installation formula” applies to every single installation we do. We treat our customer’s property like we would our own. Every landscape lighting installation is streamlined, efficient, and trouble-free for our customers. Most of our installation services are completed in only a few days. 

No machinery is used when installing our lighting systems. Each and every aspect of the installation is done by hand and with special tools we have created to install wires and fixtures. 

NightAffects Inc works diligently to ensure the complete safety of you, your family, and the installation team during the process. We never cut corners to save time or money. We carry workman’s compensation and general liability insurance.

We also strive not to disrupt or damage existing landscapes; even flower beds and mulch beds will look untouched when our installation is completed.

Before installation work is completed, we conduct a thorough check of your system for proper lamp lumens and beam spread, correct voltage balancing, and fixture aiming. We will even make nighttime adjustments as needed.

When finished with the job, we will do a full property walk-through with you. Most of our lighting systems are fully automated with timers, so we like to make our customers familiar with their operation and various functions.

After installation, we will continue to provide you with superior landscape lighting service and be happy to answer questions weeks or months later.

Landscape Lighting Repair and Maintenance Services

Why regular landscape lighting service?
Like any investment in your home or property, landscape lighting service and maintenance is important for continuous, worry-free, and accurate operation of your landscape lighting system.

Regular wear and tear from the outdoor elements will take their toll on your landscape lighting fixtures and transformers. Halogen bulbs typically last just over a year, and replacing them with the wrong bulbs and wattage load can result in blown circuit breakers or socket failure. 

Without regular service, failed lamps can go undetected, fixtures can be aimed in opposite directions, and lenses can be dirty or fogged — all of which can diminish the beauty and function of your lighting.

Our regular landscape lighting service agreement
With a NightAffects Inc service agreement, our lighting service technician will visit your property on a quarterly, semi-annual, or annual basis. In addition, our clients can call on an as-needed basis for service at any time. 

We perform the following service tasks:
  • Replace light bulbs as needed at no charge if they are still under warranty
  • Re-aim and clean fixtures
  • Trim and prune surrounding plant material that could block light output and affect fixture lighting effect
  • Locate and repair cut wires, re-bury exposed wire as needed 
  • Inspect transformers
  • Reset and reprogram time clocks as needed
  • Repair and replace fixtures damaged by landscapers or Mother Nature

There is an hourly charge for this service, plus the cost of light bulbs, repair materials, or damaged to wiring by some source.

Our landscape lighting service GUARANTEE
NightAffects Inc GUARANTEES all halogen light bulbs for 1 year after service, and they will be replaced at no charge if they fail.

All LED retrofit plug-in or screw-in bulbs are GUARANTEED for 5 years, but are rated at 40,000 hours to last 12 - 15 years. All transformers have a 10-year or lifetime warranty based on the model. 

We use only the highest quality Kichler fixtures with integrated components for new and upgraded lighting installations. They have a full 15-year warranty. They will be replaced at no charge if they fail. 
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" Thank you for doing such a great job with the landscape lighting maintenance service call. We really saw a nice improvement after your service was completed. Your staff did a very conscientious job. 
Thanks so much! "
 - Mary and Chuck V., Bradenton, FL
" Your crew arrived several days earlier than promised, which is great. They were polite, professional and thorough. My yard looks so beautiful, and my out of town guests arrived this weekend and were very impressed with the dramatic effect it gave to our house. Thank you again for exemplary service. "
- Karen and Thomas L., Lakewood Ranch, FL
" We really appreciate the detailed explanations of service on your proposal. It helped us make a decision to use your services. Everything you did throughout the installation process was 
made very clear. "
- Lee and Linda M., 
Sarasota, FL

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