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NightAffects Inc takes great pride in the services we offer to our clients. When you hire us for a job, you can expect not only competitive pricing for our services but also top-quality work that cannot be beaten.

All of our employees are professional and experienced, with many years of experience in designing and installing beautiful landscape lighting settings. Learn more about our company and services by checking out the following FAQ.

Q: How Much Energy Cost Will It Take to Run This System?

A: Running your lighting system will be very inexpensive because all the lights we use are low voltage, meaning that you are using transformers to run all your outdoor lights.

The exact energy cost will vary depending on how many lights you have installed and the overall size and scope of the project. An average home, front and backyard lighting, might cost around $5 per month with a LED system. In some cases, one transformer can run all of your lights.

Q: What is a Transformer?

A: It is a unit plugged into an outlet that converts your 120-volt house power down to 12 volts.
Residential outdoor lighting

Q: How Long Does a Lighting Project Take?

A: The front and back of an average home take anywhere from one day to three days for installation. The installation process will take additional time if doing docks or if many of the lights are downlights mounted higher in trees.

Q: Will My Yard Be Destroyed During Installation?

A: No. Unlike high voltage, we bury low voltage wire at an average of 6 to 8 inches deep. This is also beneficial because it means digging up the wire to rearrange lights or add more fixtures is a fairly simple task.

We install all wire and fixtures by hand using special tools we have developed. At the end of the day, you cannot tell where we installed the wire because it runs below grade.

Q: Will NightAffects Install Products I Have Selected and Purchased Myself?

A: Respectfully, no. All NightAffects lighting systems include products developed by manufacturers we trust and have experience with, and we have tested the products.

After 27 years in the business, we know they will perform and last based on the design performance we expect from the fixtures and transformers.

We cannot warranty any products provided by homeowners.

Q: Can You Light the Tall Canopy of Palms and Trees With Low Voltage?

A: Absolutely! With the correct beam spread and wattage, we can light just about anything. We will take the time to evaluate your property to best determine how lighting can be used to illuminate specific areas and features.

Q: How Safe is Electrical Lighting Around the Pool and Wet Areas?

A: Low voltage lighting is very safe around water. In fact, having lighting around your pool planters and cage area only serves to make the area safer, not less.

The aesthetics of mirror reflections of trees, sculptures, and palms on the pool surface at night is magical. We frequently install fixtures under water to highlight ponds and waterfalls.

Q: Why Shouldn’t I Use My Contractor, Landscaper, or Yard Man to Do My Landscape Lighting?

A: There are many things to know about lighting. NightAffects, Inc has specialized in landscape lighting and nothing else since 1990.

Landscapers, irrigation, electricians, handymen, and the neighbor down the street have no idea about voltage drop, proper placement and the correct fixture to do the job, wattage, or beam spread — not to mention understanding artistic design.

With the development of multi-tap transformers, it is imperative that amperage rules are adhered to, not just for safety’s sake, but also for proper illumination and bulb life.

Employees at NightAffects, Inc have been trained in the proper methods of installation with the supervision of our owner and lighting expert, Mike Flanegin. Therefore, each lighting project becomes a work of beauty and elegance. Landscape lighting is all we do, and we do it best.

Q: I Have Tried to Light My Landscaping With Low Voltage Lights That I Purchased From the Home Center Store. Why Doesn’t It Look Like Some of the Other Beautifully Illuminated Homes in My Neighborhood?

A: This is a common problem that we see frequently. The lights you will find in the home centers are usually of a lower quality that is not rated for the higher-wattage lamps.

Also, you need to have some experience with lighting to understand voltage drop with long wire runs and putting too many lights on a wire run. If you want it done right, it is better to leave it to the professionals, and you will enjoy the lighting results more.

Q: How Big of a Difference Does Landscape Lighting Really Make?

A: An immense difference. Not only does it give your property added security, but it can help to accentuate your property’s best features at night.

This is invaluable if you value curb appeal, the value of your home and most importantly, the beauty of your landscape features, which you invested in and cannot see in the evening when dark.

You can browse through our gallery to get a sense of the difference our landscape lighting services can really make.

Q: What is the Difference with LED Outdoor Lighting?

A: Once dismissed for their high cost and cold, bluish glow, LEDs are now the light source of choice for NightAffects Inc. They have come down in price and now have the warm light people love in halogen bulbs.

Although LED fixtures remain more expensive than halogen, installation is simpler because wire runs can be longer due to lower voltage drop and do not have the cost of bigger transformers and cost of replacing bulbs every year or two.

LEDs cost only about 25 percent more for a system, and they will save about 75 percent on your electricity bill. LEDs last about 40,000 hours of nighttime service and the fixture housings in brass, copper, and composite resin are designed to live as long as the LED components inside. 
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